From your front desk to
delivery, and everything
in between.

A complete solution for automating your
processes & managing business better.

Patient Management


Auto-Create billing during Scheduling.

Multi Clinic Management
Manage Multiple Clinics using a single software.

Alerts and Notifications
See system generated notifications based on your own user type for actions to be done, reminders or new.

Our Amazing Features

Manage Finances

Record financial activities and monitor the health of your business

Invoice Quickly

Get paid faster by sending your clients an invoice that is designed to project sophistication and clarity

Increase Profits

Learn to optimize your business and specify clients who bring more value

Front Desk

Automate your front desk & manage all workflows with automated communications, configurable forms, online payments and more.


We specialise in automating your operations to enable a very seamless yet robust process. Right from managing samples to interfacing machines with specific rules to auto-generate reports and deliver them automatically to patients.


Our focus on Automation enables our customers to deliver more with less. Embrace automation in your business to reduce redundant tasks, enable fast ops & reduce expenditure.

Finance & Payments

Finance is an integral part of your business, and also inter-linked to your operations. Our finance & payment systems lets you have better financial control over your operations.


Managing a successful business is hard. DiagMate's Admin tools make administration easier than ever. With policy based access control for your staff, audit logs, departments, outsourcing & centre management, you get to manage & monitor the pulse of your business.


Maintaining constant relationship with all your patients, referrals and organisations is difficult. With DiagMate Information system now leverage your data, maintain regular communication and establish stronger relationships with all stakeholders.

Customer Support

Our entire product strategy is built around our customers and to empower them to do more with our tools. Our highly rated customer support team equates only customer success with business success.

Invoice Your Clients with Ease | Manage what you Spend in Your Business | Learn How to Increase Your Profits